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Written from a Catholic Christian perspective, God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky: Cherishing Christianity Without Its Inclusive Claims  builds faith bridges to all types of spirituality, including those considered “evil” by the church—paganism and atheism. Science and religion stay in their proper spheres. “Christ,” “God,” “Jesus,” “Reign of God,” “Virgin Birth” and other Christian terms receive larger meaning, inclusive meaning.


            Readers who buy this book__


            Are disturbed by the growing animosity between religions and by fundamentalism of all types.         

            Respect the Christian tradition but question some of its beliefs.

            See that the only-through-Jesus claim invites opposition.

            Like books about great ideas.

            Are interested in what Bible scholars say about the Jesus who actually lived in history.

            Want to learn how Christian belief can harmonize with other beliefs.

            Are uncomfortable with self-righteous Christian certainties.

            Welcome provocative thinking that stretches them.

            Respect science and history.



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