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Presentation Topics

1) Distinguishing the Jesus of History from the Christ of Faith

2) Myth and Symbol in Religious Language

3) Pagan Myth in Christian Doctrine

4) The Sayings of Jesus, Eastern Mystic

5) Christ and the Self in Jung and Hinduism

6) The Contrasting Messages of Paul and Jesus

7) The Damage Done by Sin-Preaching

8) The Goddess in Hebrew Scriptures

9) Eleusinian Mysteries: Mother-Daughter myth before Father/Son myth.

10)  The Trinity
11)  The Incarnation

12) The Resurrection

13) Secular Spirituality and Atheist Spirituality

14) The Reign of God proclaimed by Jesus

15) Jung on Balance and Wholeness

16) Psychological & Spiritual Differences between Male & Female

17) Religious Language distinguished from Scientific Language

18) Inclusive interpretation of Christian terms such as “Christ,” “Reign of God,” “Trinity,” “Resurrection,” and “Ascension,”

These are topics on which Jeanette has presented and/or written. Variations and combinations are possible.

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