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Reader Comments

    Your book arrived less than a week ago, and I have eagerly finished reading it. It is a marvelous gem. As soon as I read the first paragraph of Chapter One I knew you and I agree on points that are very important to each of us. Although we have taken different paths, we have arrived at the same place.

    You write very well. Your presentation of Jung and myth is the most lucid I have ever read. Much of your book, such as the last chapter, is truly profound.

     The impact your book has meant to me is perhaps best signified by the many sentences that I have underlined, often with asterisks in the margin that are my way of marking something as truly great stuff. Thank you for your insights and for expressing them so well!

Richard Hagenston
Roanoke, Virginia

You write very well. Your presentation of Jung and myth is the most lucid I have ever read. Much of your book, such as the last chapter, is truly profound. The impact your book has meant to me is perhaps best signified by the many sentences that I have underlined, often with asterisks in the margin that are my way of marking something as truly great stuff. Thank you for your insights and for expressing them so well!

Richard Hagenston
Roanoke, Virginia

    Your book arrived today, and what I've read so far is wonderful! You have the gift of writing clear, concise, powerful prose. What you wrote in the section "Why Stay?" rings true for me. I've also said that culturally I am a Baptist Christian. As you cite admirable people in the Catholic tradition, I've cited people like Roger Williams and Lottie Moon in the Baptist tradition. The Catholics you mention, like Julian of Norwich and Hildegard of Bingen and now Joan Chittister, also keep me in the Christian tradition. I love what you wrote about Christian churches' "steadfast gaze on ultimate concerns" and "unfathomable Mystery." I will continue to recommend your powerful book!

    Last night I was reading your book, underlining something on every page, and reading passages to my husband. He also resonated with what you wrote, and he thought my guest blogpost was great! [ďDonít pray to a lordĒ]. I love the direct, honest way you write, e.g. your first sentence in chapter one. This is one of my favorite statements: "Both atheists and fundamentalists are limited by the same shrunken view of the Sacred, ignoring the vast and deep diversity of human concepts of Spirit."

Jann Aldredge-Clanton
Dallas, Texas

    Please keep up your words of wisdom. They are a refuge for me in a very disturbing world.

Jean Kelley
Center Valley, PA

    I love listening to your audiobook while I am working. It is a wonderful affirmation for meósaying in a very scholarly way what have been my core beliefs for a dozen years or more. The book has helped me reconcile my continued attendance at worship and my conscience. It has helped to replace some of the guilt with angeróa strange blessing. Nevertheless, it is an affirming book and very much appreciated. Knowing that it is the outcome of many hours of prayer, meditation and study, I wish to thank you for the resulting book which brings fresh air and sunshine to my soul.

Bernie Sykora, Sartell

    My thoughts have often gone back to the reflections and words you offer. The subtitle, "Cherishing Christianity without Its Exclusive Claims," is an excellent summary of your thoughts. . . . Thank you for being so honest and revealing questions shared by many. This gives all of us courage to live fully, honoring all our questions.

Regina Birchem, Irwin, PA (near Pittsburgh)

    I'm about half way through it at this point and have enjoyed every word you've written. As a person who was raised Catholic, your book has been a great source of ideas . . . THANKS. You have done a wonderful service for all people like me, who have had a million questions about their Catholic faith and the many inconsistencies that seem to permeate the dogma. . . . your way of reconciling all the differences offers a new way for me to articulate the many questions and beliefs that have kept me always feeling like a Catholic, even when I feel like a hypocrite to everyone else in the Catholic boat of beliefs . . ."

    I have already begun to talk with my friends about your book and have read sections to them. . . . I am planning on purchasing books for these people. Most of the conversations with these friends have been enjoyable, however, there have been some tense moments as we discussed the topics. Still, we keep talking.

    This afternoon I read through the section on Jesus (Chapter 6, I think) and found your perceptions extremely interesting. I can hardly wait to talk with my friends about it.

Jim from Stillwater, the Worrying Warrior

    I absolutely loved it! It was the first time I read what I had always been thinking. You helped to clarify so many thoughts and incongruities I had always felt growing up Catholic. Your thoughts and feelings made me feel so less alone in understanding my faith. Your words helped me understand how my faith and religion can co-exist in my heart and practice.
    My mother shared another opinion column of yours with me this weekend regarding Islam and the prejudices currently held by many Christians/Americans. It reminded me that I had always wanted to tell you what an impact your book had on me. I am so grateful you wrote the book. I also appreciate that you continue to use your words to express your faith and beliefs. Your courage is admirable!

Natascha Smrekar, Guthrie, Minnesota

    Last week I could read your book and really THINK while reading, giving each page as much attention as it deserved. WHAT A REWARD I RECEIVED!
    My first thoughts were those of being uplifted, being happy, being relieved and being certain that I have thought the same thoughts that exist in your book for YEARS, but had no idea how to express them...or even that they COULD be expressed. The words that you offer to identify what most people call "God" and your rejection of the He/Him pronoun released me into a realm of unlimited beauty and peace. Yes, I catch myself saying He/Him, but I am immediately reminded that I no longer have that box (prison?) around me and joyfully move out to embrace this Higher Power. Please know that just reading the book was life-giving to me...and a confirmation of things that had run niggly-wiggly through my mind and had literally terrified me.
    Chapter 5 was marvelous!! I found myself smiling through each of its pages and constantly nodding my head as if I were saying YES, YES, YES!! And even before I got to Chapter 5 I was saying, "HOW does she pray"? I would like to explore that further with you as would I also like to explore the concept of evil. But first I must reread many pages and delight again in the knowledge that I know a person such as you and that you have led me to a greater understanding of my SELF.

Carol Landkamer, Maple Grove, MN

Jeanette did such detailed research.  I especially found so much truth and direction in the second half.  The entire research effort and her conclusions from the works of others and her individual mining and melting of facts with her beliefs and findings are just remarkable.  Her book is one that should be on the reading list of all our Catholic friends.

Dennis W. Horan - Northfield, MN


I just finished "God is not Three Guys in the Sky."  It's great, and I thank you for writing it.  After a lifetime of nervous heretical doubting I finally feel okay with questions. 

Chris Scott, St. Cloud.


I've forwarded it on to my friends here in Michigan. I recommended your book to them and they ordered God is Not Three Guys in the Sky and LOVE it! We agree with what you have written and can hardly wait to discuss it! I'm not quite through with it and have to admit that I marked it up on the train by underlining favorite or key sentences. You've done such a fantastic work.

Kathleen Herrick


You have substantiated and put into print, that which I have always believed.  Thank you for your insatiable hunger for the truth.         

Scott Thompson, St. Cloud

I can hardly put the book down!  I love it.

Catherine L. Young, Indianapolis, IN

    Jeanette, I finally finished your wonderful book. I donít claim to know much, but over the years I have read many books on religion, listened in (or joined in) on many conversations, turned up the radio for MPR discussions, watched many shows on TV, watched all of Joseph Campbellís PBS tapes, and all that. I have to say your book is the most comprehensive, thorough, thought-provoking, meaningful, and sensible study of religion I have seen. I really hope it takes hold in the world of religious study and tolerance.
I thought of this bible quote: "And Jesus said, 'A prophet is not accepted in his own home.'"
Thanks for writing it! Iím very proud to have met you!

Tom Koshiol

    I read your book and have mentioned it to several friends. I want to re-read it because there is so much there! So many ideas lay as questions under the surface for so long and some, at first, were startling and then made so much sense. I remember reading somewhere that college is a time when people question their faith but I find that now, in my 60s, is when I have pondered these great questions. Now I have the time and life experience, as well as courage, to delve deeper.

Marge Morrisette
South St. Paul, MN

    I did take your book with me to read while traveling, and have finished Chapter 8. What a delight, . . . to read flawless writing!

I now understand much better than I previously had what Jesus might have meant by the "Reign of God." I even feel somewhat better about my tendency to live in and appreciate the present: I've had many timeless moments, and so perhaps have already enjoyed eternal life.

Lance, Virginia

    Just starting your book . . . Itís very honest and thought-provoking. Even in the bookís controversy and intellectual presentation, your love shines through your words.

I do have a Christian background, being raised in a fundamentalist Christian home (lots of dos and doníts!). In fact, several of my relatives were ministers. However, I knew at the age of 12 . . . Itís always a treat to read othersí process of discoveryóthrough thought, reasoning, feeling, mystical experiences, and so onóthat their beliefs differ from religious decree! For many years, I felt so betrayed by the church and Jesus that I turned my back on them completely. Only in the last five years have I been able to explore the history of Jesus and the early Christians. Your book will be an informative addition to my exploration!

I admire your courage to be a bridge, to share the truth of your being, and to light a pathway for others to question and examine and share the truth of theirs! Iím finding that I read your book in short sections and then must give them time to digest. Itís as if Iím crossing a field of hidden landmines to reach a deeply desired destination and must often pause to get my bearings in order to weave among them. Thanks for the invitation to explore Christianity again after spending so many years rejecting it! Namaste,

Beth Blevins http://sacredweb.blogspot.com/

    I am in the middle of your book God is Not Three Guys in the Sky Ö and I have to admit that, although I am still quite attached to the patriarchal aspects of Christianity, I have really found your wonderful book to be refreshing and enlightening.
    My wife and I actually argued who got to read it first! This book will be on my mind for quite a while, and I can't wait to talk to other people who have read it.
    I can only imagine the courage it took to write and publish this book in the Land of Lutherans and Catholics here in central Minnesota.
    Also, I want to thank you for your craftsmanship as a writer -- your writing is clear and sharp and a pleasure to read. Thank you for this amazing book!

Mike Sawin, St. Cloud Times writer from Cold Spring

I don't know if you realize how much of a blessing your book is to someone like me, as well as to my wife. You validated our experience and empowered us to go forward without looking back. Like the person who wrote the review on your website, yours has set me free in a way that theirs did not. . . . I found it to be very spiritual.

Gary Egeberg, Edina, MN

The foundations of patriarchy are trembling and those who benefit by its structure will be extremely threatened.  Please keep on writing.  Your work is prophetic and you are a truthsayer.  We need you.

Mary Frances Smith, Long Lake, MN

. . . absolutely loving your book!!!

Denise Koerber, St. Cloud, MN

    I took along the copy of your book and read out loud 5 chapters!  T. said it was easy to listen to and I found it easy to read.  And she found a lot of sense in it even though she, too, may never have thought it through in those terms or been able to articulate it.  The same is true for many of us.
    What I find particularly interesting is that you paid attention to the inconsistencies that others too readily dismissed and pursued them as a study in themselves and made order out of them.  (Thatís the whole basis of chaos theory as I understand it.  Those little anomalies in science are too readily dismissed but are really the door or key to whole other realms of order inherent in the big picture. And they often supply a background or larger frame for the issue under study.) So thanks for your willingness to make yourself vulnerable in behalf of the larger truths.  I canít help but think many people will find the book a source of insight, relief, and a way of retaining Christian identity even in the face of such problematic issues.  Great job!

Mariterese Woida, OSB


I began reading your book, printing out the first chapter, and repaired to my perch by the window. I love it! And I want to pore over the rest of it. Today I will take the first 11 pages to my dad to read because only yesterday we were talking about how the precarious belief system of the Catholic Church is very like an enormous house of cards; and if we tug away even a single card from the flimsy structure the whole thing could collapse. The simplicity and clarity of your writing is delightful. And very helpful.

Peter Fandel, St. Cloud


I started reading it and was just reading along, when I decided to go back and make notes in the margins . . . This is a very important work . . . Thank you for the long labor of love for women and men everywhere.  

Yvonne Sexton, St. Cloud

I have the book, God is Not Three Guys in the Sky, and am currently reading it.  Very interesting.  It brings up the point that the kind of spiritual questioning she is doing is also going on within the church by Catholic scholars and was encouraged by Popes Pius XII and John XXIII at Vatican II.       

Laura Stanley, St. Cloud, MN.


    Jeanette, it's the most applicable spiritual work I've read since M.Scott Peck five years ago.  I've read some Carl Jung and you do him proud Ėvery clear.  I've read Michael Morewood Ėyouíre smoother and more personal.  I've read John Shelby Spong Ėyouíre more Catholic.  I've read Matthew Fox and youíre more concise.
    For me as a cradle Catholic also, it's a radical, life-changing, soul-enhancing book. Congratulations!

Ron Ohmann, former physician and St. Cloud Times columnist

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